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Eden Energy Medicine in French

Dates: Part I -Sat 13 of January
Part II- t.b.c.
Time: 8:45-17:00
Cost: €110/class
you may transfer to MME TOVE THYES IBAN: LU66 0081 5140 3200 1003 BIC Code : BLUXLULL
Location: Delphine Giltay 28, rue de l’Hippodrome 1730 Luxembourg
For more information and to register contact: Tove Thyes Phone: +352 691 55 09 89 tove.thyes@gmail.com
Join Tove Thyes, Clinical Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, for a joyful, gentle introduction to the world of Energy Medicine.
Empower yourself to balance the flows of energy in your body for maximum healing and vitality. Energy medicine for beginners Part I
introduces the basics of EEM and includes:

o Five-minute “Daily Energy Routine”
o Effects of stress on your energies, and how to lessen its effects
o Tools for Releasing Negative Emotions
o How to stay Grounded and Centered
o How to Remove Toxins using Reflex Points

Lots of “hands-on” and practice and so so much more…
Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is based on the methods taught by Donna
Eden, widely respected healer and pioneer in bringing Energy Medicine
to the public. EEM is both a complement to traditional
medical care and a complete system for self-care
and self-help.
More information at www.innersource.net
ou Donna’s award-winning book “Energy Medicine

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