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Workshop by  Sandra Rendall – Transpersonal  Psychologist

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The main language in the  workshop will be English but explanations can be made in french and portuguese

  • We are going to address sexual beliefs that are conveyed by society that we internalize. undermine our ability to enjoy sexual;
  • We are bringing to awareness our sexual script;
  • Cultivating self-pleasure – introducing self-erotica in our agenda and prioritize it like we prioritize other responsibilities;
  • The road to self-pleasure – techniques from different approaches and cultures;
  • It will be a very friendly environment but during the workshop there will be no nudity.

Come with an open mind and dare to dive in…

This workshop is the fourth and last session from the journey “The feminine Unveiled”. This expedition to the feminine realm is an invitation to explore the richness of the feminine inner life and utilise the insights/ a-ha moments to improve our life in a more conscious way.

This journey will offer you a friendly, sacred, respectful and non-judgemental space among other women.

Creative writing, dance, guided meditation, drawing will be some of the tools to increase self-awareness.

Reservation by mail or phone until 22/01/18

Or by private message on the facebook page: The inner life

50 € / person –cash payment